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A Companion in Times of Transition

Times of transition are often intense and life changing. Journeying from one world to the next, from one phase of life to the next can feel unsafe and scary. As a Doula I accompany, assist, support and coach the client through these times of transition in emotional, spiritual and practical ways.
For mothers-to-be, and their family, and for life transitioners in varoius ways.

Traditionally a doula offers their service to the woman who becomes a mother, and their family. But the doula services also include celebrating the girl's menarche or the woman's menopause, accompanying through times of loss, divorce, grief. And a doula can also support through the process of dying. Help lead the soul to the other side. And offer the loved ones who stay behind a space of healing.
For more information on the doula support for the transition of dying, please see my section of Psychopomp Work/Soul Transitioning.

For more information on assisting during times of change in life, you may look into Sacred Womb Medicine Counseling and Ceremonies.

For becoming mothers and parents:


  • Birth Coaching, Hypnobirthing, Birth Visualization

  • Chi Flow Pregnancy: soulful embodiment practices to prepare for birth

  • Pregnancy Massage, Aura Balancing, Reiki, Liquid Light, Meridian Massage

  • Ritual Blessingway


  • Birth Presence, I assist you emotionally, spiritually and physically during your journey of giving birth

  • Remote Birth Asistance, I spiritually connect with you and your baby, as you both journey through the process of being born


  • Mama Massage, Daddy Massage

  • Teaching Babymassage

  • Reclaiming and Intergating your unique Birth Story

  • Support in handling and bonding with your newborn

  • Energetic Healing Work, Aura Balancing, Lotus Healing, Liquid Light, Reiki, Meridian Massage

  • Gentle Pelvic Floor Training

  • Yoni Steam

  • Ritual for Blessing the Child: Welcome on Earth

  • Ritual for Blessing the Mother

  • Ritual for Blessing the Father

  • Rebozo Ceremony (at least 40 days after giving birth)

Perinatal Support Sessions:
2h visit | 180chf

3h visit | 220chf

Multiple visits are possible, with a 10% discount after the first visit.

Customized exchange is always possible. Please get in touch with me.

Payment can be made through PayPal, TWINT or e-banking.

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