Spiral Song Shamanic Healing

Sacred Yin Medicine Circle

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reveal, grow, learn, share, support and create magic

with sisters

This is a closed group of sisters who meet once a month on Thursdays online for ongoing expanding and deepening of our Yin Powers. "Yin" is Chinese for "feminine" or "moon". 

My intention for the ten month Sacred Yin Medicine Circle cycle is to facilitate feminine awareness counseling groups with specific modules related to our learning process which are unique for each group. Each monthly session will be introduced with a preparation meditation as homework two weeks prior to the session. In between sessions there will be sharing times for the sisters of this group. During our sessions we will connect to Spirit with singing, do shamanic journeying, engage in ceremony, express in embodiment practices, awaken our womb healing, womb clearing and womb balancing skills, practice mystic perception, learn chakra harmonizing methods, and more. We connect with our inner Yin Wisdom and learn to weave our embodied life with Spirit. 

The Sacred Yin Medicine Circle is for women who commit to meet monthly, engage in homework practices, engage in sisterhood sharing times in between monthly sessions, and are willing to bring themselves fully, vulnerably and wholeheartedly into the evolution of our feminine power as the ones who we are, individually and collectively.

No prerequisites are necessary. Just the calling of your heart, your soul, your womb.


1x per month on Thursday at 6pm - 9pm CET 



online, on zoom



660chf for the whole cycle of 10 months (645€ / 710$ / 545£)

Or monthly payment of 66chf (65€ / 70$ / 55£)


English/German depending on group members

Please bring to each session a candle, your personal journal, art material (paper and colored pencils or crayons), a drum or rattle if you have (you can also use a book to tap on), your personal power objects if you wish, and water to drink.

The next Sacred Yin Medicine Circle cycle will start

Thursday, April 28th 2022


Below are the estimated dates for 2022. Each group creates their own dynamic union, and changes to dates can be arranged within the group.

1. April 28th

2. May 19th

3. June 23rd

4. July 14th

5. August 25th

6. September 22nd

7. October 13th

8. November 10th

9. December 8th

10. January 12th


If you are interested in a ten month Sacred Yin Medicine Circle cycle but can't do these dates, please contact me and I will let you know when the next cycle starts.

The group size of each cycle is 5-8 women. After one ten month cycle ends, each group member decides whether they want to continue with another cycle of advanced content.

To register or ask any questions please get in touch with me here.

In your registration please share who you are and what your calling for this group feels like, what motivates you to participate, and anything else you would like me to know.

Important note: This is a substance-free group process, and I ask that participants are free from any drugs or addictive substances. If you struggle with drugs or substances I recommend you work with me individually or with someone in the therapeutic field with addiction expertise.

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