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Spiral Song Shamanic Healing


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In Soulful Creative Counseling the client becomes an active participant in their healing journey. In a safe
and heart-centered space, we talk about life situations, issues and challenges. I guide my client
through shamanic practices to help impact their life with healing on physical, emotional, mental,
energetic and spiritual plains. I teach, guide and help the client to understand and integrate the

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Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Anxiety / fear

  • Depression

  • Grief, despair, loss

  • Restlessness

  • Heartache

  • Physical disturbances

  • Psychic attack

  • Feeling lost, stuck, depleted

  • Relationship issues

  • Conflicts

You may benefit from shamanic counseling, a unique form of transpersonal coaching therapy.

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In Soulful Creative Counseling, I draw on my experience as a movement based expressive art therapist.
With the intention of healing and creating awareness, I weave my knowledge and experience of Past-
life Regression, Spiritual Mysticism, and Spiritual Light with Shamanic Practices. My life’s journey and
Spiritual unfolding help me to understand my client and connect with their underlying needs and
energetic roots.


Soulful Creative Counseling with me includes the following. The client can choose previous to our session which method they want to work with, or we discuss and define together with Spirit which method(s) to go with.

Healing Inner Child

We get triggered. We get emotional. We fight. We freeze. We deny, avoid, ignore and blame. And
often we do this repeatedly. We all do it, because we are wounded. There is nothing wrong with it,
except that it keeps us in a state of blockage and limited access of our true potential. Original
wounds often stem from childhood experiences, when many of our patterns get formed and
imprinted. Some wounds arise in adolescence or adulthood. The important work of Healing the Inner
Child is to connect with the wounded aspects or parts. It is most healing to be in conversation with,
learn from, comfort and offer what these aspects need. In this way we can become our own wound-
detector and our own wound-medicine. This is what true Self Love is about.

Shamanic Breathwork

Shamanic Breathwork is a ceremony in which I guide the client through a specific breathing practice
which leads to an altered state of awareness. The client gains access to the subconscious mind for
healing and transformation. I support the healing journey as I guide the client through the seven
chakras using music.

After the Shamanic Breathwork Journey we discuss and process the experience with a meditative
expressive art mandala.

Shamanic Dreamwork

We look at dreams from the perspective of Spirit. We let the dream speak to us. We become active interactors with the dream and in the dream, with the help of shamanic journeying. This useful transpersonal tool of shamanic dreamwork helps to uncover the essence of dreams and enhances one's self-discovery, healing and growth. 
Shamanic Dreamwork is an embodied approach in which a dream is explored with all senses in the here and now, no matter how long ago the dream was remembered. I help the client retrieve the guidance of the dream and find steps to apply the dream's guidance into everyday life.
Shamanic Dreamwork also helps with nightmares, recurring dreams, startling dreams, emotional or mystical dreams. Every dream is a pointer in the direction of divine grace. We just need to allow and offer our embodied awareness.

Power Animal and Spiritual Teacher Connection

I teach the client how to journey. In their Shamanic journey, I guide them to find and connect with
their own Power and Spirit Animals, and or with their Spiritual Teacher. I support them in creating
simple, practical rituals to connect with the Spirit World and consult with their helping spirits to
enhance harmony, love and joy in life.

Lotus Healing for Transformation

Lotus Healing is a ceremony in which we connect with the Divine Lotus Heavens. The Lotus Energies
are powerful healers that bring transformation and renewed harmony in the energetic pattern of
one’s auric field. I guide the client into a deep relaxation state and lead them through a spiritual
visualization practice on the core energetic level of the discord in focus. This technique helps one let
go of old patterns and connects one with Divine love and light.

Sacred Womb Medicine (for women)

The womb has a consciousness of her own. Naturally, she is the seat of the feminine power. She
guides us through the cycles of life when we allow her to be present in our awareness. More about
the Sacred Womb Medicine here.

Expressive Bodywork and Creative Art Therapy

Our body is a treasure chest of hidden memories, may it be our inherent nature of wholeness, our
own intrinsic medicine, our unlimited potential or may it be trauma, shock, or pain; the body, just like
expressive art, acts as a mirror and enables us to become aware of that treasure chest. Let’s move
things around in it so the gold can shine into life. This technique includes the use of movement,
voice, art and poetry.

Regression Therapy

Our soul travels multidimensional paths, and the journey on earth in our present life is one of many.
In a competent and gentle way, I guide the client into deep relaxation. In this realm of the
subconscious mind, spirit travels into a past experience of the present life (childhood, adolescence,
or trauma) and into an experience of a past life (another time and possibly other worlds). At all times
the client is safe and energetically held by me and our Spirit Guides. Together the experience will be
processed and integrated.
Regression therapy sessions always happen under the umbrella of the client’s highest good and the highest good of all. The intention is set to offer insight into situations in one’s life that seem puzzling, blocked or senseless and to bring meaning, resolution and peace.

Creation and Manifestation Work

What is it that you desire? What is your heart longing for? What are you believing in? What are you
born to experience? What is your heart aching for? Are your beliefs and your actions supporting you
in manifesting your dreams, desires and longings so that the natural law of attraction can do its

I help the client identify what their true longings are, and help them see what their wildest dreams
have to offer them. And then we explore the ways in which they have blocked themself off from
receiving exactly that. Unconscious beliefs and contracts, which contradict the manifestation of one’s

dreams, disable their creation. As we explore those beliefs and contracts, we release them and
replace them with positive beliefs and blessings which clear the way for the universe to bring one’s
desires into form. This is a step-by-step process towards more happiness, fulfillment and joy.

Healing Inner Child
Shamanic Breathwork
Shamanic Dreamwork
Power Animal and Spiritual Teacher Connecion
Lotus Healing for Trasformation
Sacred Womb Medicine
Expressive Bodywork and Creative Art Therapy
Regression Therapy
Creation and Manifestation Work
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I offer Soulful Creative Counseling online and in person.

One session usually takes around 90mins.


Single Session: 120chf

Dive-in Package: 3 Sessions | 333chf | bi-weekly sessions

Unfold Package: 9 Sessions | 990chf | bi-weekly sessions

Golden Path Package: 21 Sessions | 2370chf | bi-weekly sessions

Customized exchange and individual package is always possible. Payment-plan is possible too. Please get in touch​ with me.

Payment can be made through PayPal, TWINT or e-banking.

Book your session here.

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