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A ceremony is a space that allows us to acknowledge a transition or a rite of passage – a new beginning or sometimes, as a conclusion to an event in our lives.
Ceremonies are held to celebrate a new life or in honor of a life well lived, for a graduation or a retirement, for a marriage or commitment, for change of one's life course, or for the change of seasons.

I personally love to hold ceremonies for my self, as well as for others. When I am in ceremony alone, I just follow my intuitive calling as to when and where it is held, often including the cycle of the year, the cycle of the moon and the cycle of my womb in the ceremonial weave.

Depending on the occasion I drum, sing, dance, journey, perform a ritual act, create a sacred craft, write or draw. Mostly I use carefully chosen herbs for cleansing the energy and supporting the intention of the ceremony. Sometimes I connect with Sacred Medicine Plants such as Sage, Rosemary, Cacao, Ginger, and more, for a Spirit Medicine Brew.

In a community ceremony I invite everyone to participate in the sacredness of an intentional act in service of the higher good, held by Spirit.

My most popular ceremonies are:

  • Welcome on Earth: Blessing of a newborn baby.

  • Menarche: First menstruation of a girl, initiation into the moon time

  • Blessingway: Blessing during pregnancy and for birth

  • Closing the Bones - Rebozo ceremony: ending a phase of life (e.g. 40 days after birth, for separation, farewell, mourning, closure). Just as the new moon plunges into darkness, this ceremony allows to close on a deep level, so that the whole being liberates and becomes ready for the new.

My offering:

  • I help you design your own ceremony for your occasion 

  • I hold a ceremony for your occasion

  • Join one of my fullmoon and newmoon ceremonies

Financial exchange depends on the occasion and will be arranged individually. Contact me here.

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