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Soul Art


I channel Soul Art for you.

Soul Art is an intuitive healing painting that I co-create with Spirit in a meditative creative flow. The vibration of a Soul Art painting brings harmony, light, love, joy and healing to its surroundings.

​The theme of a uniquely crafted Soul Art painting can be:

  • Personal soul mandala

  • Guardian angel

  • Spirit council

  • Personal energetic power symbol

​Usually, I paint with acrylic on canvas.

​To receive a personally made Soul Art painting an appointment is made for a phone or Zoom call where the client and I can meet and discover the essence of what they’re looking for. During the 4 week painting process the creative Spirit connection is alive and rituals are performed to bring the spiritual healing energy fully into the radiation of the painting. A final blessing ritual is performed to complete the Spiritual connection.

​You can choose the following size:

  • small (A6) - 333chf / 225€ / 360$ / 270£

  • medium (A4) - 444chf / 435€ / 480$ / 365£

  • large (A3) - 555chf / 540€ / 595$ / 455£

Different size can be arranged upon request.

Shipping cost will be added.

​To order, please get in touch with me here.

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"Receiving the painting was a wonderful and beautiful gift. Through the beautiful colours and images so well made by Isha I could see my deep self... not only the parts of me that I am able to recognise in this present moment of my life, but also the ones that were more hidden. So it was an amazing encounter with my soul and now this painting is always there reminding me who I am. Thank you Isha for such a beautiful and deep work.”


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