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Spiral Song Shamanic Healing


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The ageless practice of Shamanic Healing has been one of restoring balance. Whenever and wherever a relationship between spirit and matter has fallen out of balance, be it in an individual, a community, a place, a home or a situation, it is our shamanic task to restore balance. Balance equals healing.

More about Shamanism here.

In a Shamanic Healing Session I create a safe, heartfelt, sincere and loving space for my client, where they are welcome with all that they are. A combination of methods will be used, according to the guidance of Spirit. Each method involves Shamanic tools including, crystals, smudge, toning, spirit songs, Light sounds, rattles, feathers, singing bowls and more. Each shamanic healing session ends with a Transfiguration. Here is a list of my methods:


In the practice of extraction, condensed energy, spiritual blockages, curses or foreign energy bodies are released and dissolved. These energies can come from past lives, past situations or encounters in this life, or from present circumstances. The liberated space will be filled with Divine Light and protection. After Extraction work many people report a sense of relief, a sense of renewed space, or a renewed sense of self, or a new perception of one's own body, or liberation, vitality and joy.

Soul Retrieval

When a person experiences a shock, overwhelm or devastation, gradually or suddenly, a fragment of one's soul can separate from the soul entity and hide. In this case it is essential to bring back a lost soul part when the person is ready. Guided by Spirit, I travel to the hiding place in the spirit realm, retrieve the soul fragment and bring it back to rejoin the person and their soul. A Soul Retrieval helps one become more whole, balanced and mature. Each fragmented soul part brings back a gift of more wholeness that nourishes, vitalizes or grounds the person in a healing way, so they become more complete in their being.

Retrieval of a Organ's Soul

The same fragmentation or soul loss that can occur in our energetic essence, can also happen on the physical level. In this special practice, I address an affected organ or body part that has lost its natural vitality, function or harmony. This soul loss is healed through the return of the organ’s or body part's soul. This method is a version of soul retrieval. It brings functionality and vitality back to the physical body.

Retrieval of Soul Purpose

When the Soul decides to incarnate on earth it comes with one or many life purposes. In the process of traveling to earth and incarnating as a human being it naturally most often forgets some or all of the agreed upon life missions. When guided by Spirit the remembrance of one's soul mission can be brought back. I will support the client in remembering their spiritual gifts and their Divine life mission: the Soul Purpose. This often leads to a sense of direction, empowerment, motivation and renewed flow and meaningfulness.

Soul Transitioning

Soul Transitioning is Shamanic Psychopomp work which encompasses the entire process of transitioning from this life to beyond. I offer counseling and spiritual guidance for the families and loved ones during this process and for the preparation of death. This includes ceremonies for the dead, for grieving, remembering the natural cycles of life, thankfulness and healing, as well as conveying messages from the departed ones in the afterlife.


Healing with Spiritual Light / Transfiguration

Bathing in pure Light!

We are Divine Light. We simply forget. Divine Light heals naturally, as it promotes all energies to find their inherent harmonious flow. With this Transfiguration Ritual, I allow myself and my client to become the natural Divine Light which is effortlessly and infinitely present. Subtle nuances in Spiritual Light can be called for to promote specific effects of healing, becoming whole, enfolding and transforming. Sometimes I am guided to enhance the Integration of Divine Healing Light with Crystals, Drumming and Singing. This brings the whole being into a state of deep relaxation, in which the client is absorbing the reality of our true nature, Spiritual Light. The agency of self-healing is stimulated naturally, organically and harmoniously. Each shamanic healing session ends with a Transfiguration.

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I offer Shamanic Healing Work online, in person and remotely for adults and children.

​The Remote Shamanic Healing session is particularly helpful when going through a surgery, through childbirth or any emergencies. A client's full permission is necessary in order to do the remote healing session.

A shamanic healing session for adults usually takes around 90mins.

A shamanic healing session for children usually takes around 60mins.

Adults: 120chf

Children: 100chf

Customized exchange is always possible. Please get in touch with me.

Payment can be made through PayPal, TWINT or e-banking. 

Book your session here.

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"Your shamanic work is embedded in an energy field of unconditional love, intense life experience, inspiration and connection and thus deep, trusting, confidential, empathic, authentic attention at eye level and above all from heart to heart. Which made it easy for me to open up and surrender to the flow of life, within the sacred, shamanic space you created. You helped me to dissolve condensed energy and thereby welcome what truly belongs to me. Thank you for your being."


“I trust completely in Isha´s work so I surrendered to this beautiful and intense experience. I felt it very deep and intense energetically. All made very sense for me and came in the right moment of my life. In this shamanic healing, Isha made the Extraction, Soul Retrieving and a Bath of Pure Light at the end of the session. All so deep and at the same time so full of love. I am still integrating all in my body and life. Thank you Isha for this amazing shamanic healing session.”


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