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Spiral Song Shamanic Healing


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When there is a personal question or a life decision to make there are shamanic methods to tap into the universal field of wisdom for guidance. In a safe and open-hearted space a Shamanic Divination Session combines the following methods with Healing with Spiritual Light/Transfiguration.

Shamanic Divination Journey

The Divination Journey is a shamanic journey into non-ordinary reality. The Spirit World offers guidance and reveals insight with the help of compassionate spirits who are interested in the wellbeing and welfare of all humans. They assist in the decision-making process by bringing to light the consequences of our potential choices with all our senses.

Oracle Card Reading

Various sets of oracle cards are offered to help the client reflect and uncover hidden aspects of one’s essence. This information will help enhance, open, shift and direct one’s awareness to truth.

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot cards offer a more detailed insight into the energetics that are at work in the client and their area of concern. This reading will help one understand the underlying forces with relationships, with professional life, with one’s health and with life questions. Different spreads may help to gain a bigger picture and be inspired about the next steps.

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I offer Shamanic Divination online and in person.

One session usually takes about 90mins.

Single Session: 120chf

Customized exchange is always possible. Please get in touch with me.

Payment can be made through PayPal, TWINT or e-banking.

Book your session here.

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