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Rose Circle

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reveal, grow, nourish, bloom, learn, share, support and create magic

with sisters


Welcome to this circle of sisters who explore their inherent wild nature with grace, love, interest, courage, fierceness, openness and acceptance.

A healing journey into our wise roots and our medicine power.

You are welcome as you are.

This circle is for people who are identifying with the spirit of a woman, whether you have a womb or you don't have a womb. If your identity as a woman is partial or fluctuates and you would like to participate, please contact me for a free meeting before joining. I am happy to talk, learn, expand and align with the magic of life.

We cast a safe circle of confidentiality.
We invite our helping Spirits, ancestors and light allies to accompany and support us.

We light a candle to ignite our wild spirit.

We dive into the theme of the circle with 

  • intuitive movement

  • sounding, toning, chanting

  • creative visual art

  • meditation and visualization

  • free flow writing

  • ritual

  • sharing

  • giving thanks

By being who we are we allow each other to be who they are.
We receive and offer support, inspiration, understanding, compassion, being touched in the heart, unravelling our truth, integrity and vulnerability - all met with love and allowance.

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Wedding Bouquet


online, on zoom


English / German


Financial balance:

55chf per Circle or give what you can

You can book the Circles individually.

Customized exchange is always possible. Please get in touch​ with me.

Payment can be made through PayPal, TWINT or e-banking.

Register here

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