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Circles & Classes

In Circles we gather in community for a shared experience. We receive and give support, inspiration, vulnerability, confidence, acknowledgement and connectedness. There are online circles and in-person circles.

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Chi Flow Pelvis Class

A holistic, gentle and effective pelvic floor training, in which you connect with your body in a loving way, strengthen your feminine power and regenerate yourself physically and mentally.

Chi Flow Pregnancy Class

During pregnancy, Chi Flow is a beautiful and affirmative support

It helps you to enjoy the unique changes you are experiencing with joy, confidence and self-assurance.

Pregnant ladies are sitting in circle and holding small cups. Little candles are in center

Chi Flow Yin Yoga

Explore, deepen, awaken and empower their natural wisdom through Energy Medicine, Vocal Sounding, Yin Yoga, Breathwork, Visualization and Healing Relaxation.

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Rose Circle & Retreat

A healing journey into our wise roots and our medicine power.​

You are welcome as you are.We receive and offer support, inspiration,  understanding,...

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