Spiral Song Shamanic Healing

Circles & Classes

In Circles we gather in community for a shared experience. We receive and give support, inspiration, vulnerability, confidence, acknowledgement and connectedness. There are online circles and in-person circles.

Close up hands of Group of sporty happy people sitting on the gym floor in a circle togeth

Chi Flow Pelvis Class

A holistic, gentle and effective pelvic floor training, in which you connect with your body in a loving way, strengthen your feminine power and regenerate yourself physically and mentally.


Spirit Singing Circle

We gather to sing with open hearts, as we connect with the elements, the seven winds, Spirit and our own essence.

Chi Flow Yin Circle
Wheel of the Year

We bring our awareness to the turning points of the year which reflect our inner cycles and the natural evolving of our consciousness in communion with nature, the elements and the Goddess.

Chi Flow Pregnancy Class

During pregnancy, Chi Flow is a beautiful and affirmative support

It helps you to enjoy the unique changes you are experiencing with joy, confidence and self-assurance.

Fullmoon Fire

Woman Circle

We join as sisters in the forest, around the fire.

Joining our hearts, our wombs, our songs.

The trees breathe with us as we dive into

the mystery of the web of life.

Sacred Yin Medicine Circle

reveal, grow, learn, share, support and create magic

with sisters

This is a closed group of sisters who meet once a month.