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Fullmoon Fire
Woman Circle

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Camping in the Woods

"Under the full moon light we dance
Spirits dance we dance

Joining hands we dance

Joining souls rejoice"

~ Song by Karen Beth


A Circle of Women
We join as sisters in the forest, around the fire.

Joining our hearts, our wombs, our songs.

The trees breathe with us as we dive into

the mystery of the web of life.

We drum, sing, dance, visualize, perceive nature as a

meaningful messenger.

We connect with our womb, the womb of Mother Earth and of the Cosmos.

We connect with the moon cycles, the wisdom of the stars and

the voices of the wind.

We celebrate life.

Each Fullmoon Fire Woman Circle is a unique journey to fully step into the joy of our feminine power.

Now is the time.

Bring warm clothes according to the weather. We'll be outside the whole evening. If it rains, we'll have a tarp to cover our circle.

Also bring your own seat mat/cushion/sheepskin to sit comfortably in the forest.

Waldfühler Waldplatz

Inkwiler Wald, Niederönz
A ten minute walk from our meeting point "Treffpunkt"


Afterwards we take time for tea and snacks for all who wish to stay around the fire a bit longer
Gathering at 18.45

at the meeting point "Treffpunkt"


Friday, May 20th

Friday, June 17th

Friday, September 9th

Saturday, November 12th

Financial balance:

Suggested 40chf per circle.

Or donation of your choice.

Register here

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